Moving “house”

Bon voyage

Under overcast skies, we boarded a train to our new temporary domicile. We got good wishes on our way out of the train station.

Train infrastructure

I seem to forget how much infrastructure it takes to serve several tracks of electrified trains.

Final sea view

There’s pretty much our final sea view…bye-bye, Mediterranean.

Pastis beverages

After getting settled (2nd floor, whew, last place was on 4th, pant pant), we headed out for a bite. The real restaurants are closed this time of day, so we found a bistro. I decided to try a pastis 51 beverage. Yup, fennel/licorice-y; I’m guessing it will destroy bad breath! Loved the wax mountains on the base of the candle-stick.

French house salad

We must have been craving a bit of veg; we each got the chef salad, I guess you could call it. Yum! That’s parmesan, warm chicken and lardon bits. And maize kernels. Plus plus.

Fountain face

Happily filled, we headed out to the groc store. Found a fountain with four faces, eyes left on one, right on the next, spouts in mouths. No water at the moment, however.

Cobblestone replacement

Found a worker winding up his day having gotten these cobblestones set for mortar, perhaps tomorrow? We leave nearby and can check….

Cute square not ours

On our way back with our new grocery bag, not terribly loaded but with important goodies like cheese and milk (Kuerig-like coffee pods supplied in apartment), we found this charming square…somewhat more interesting than the one our apartment overlooks, but strangely nearly unused. Look at all that grass/weeds! And no benches.

Are we settling in for a quiet evening, or will we head out again after the “real” restaurants open at seven or seven-thirty? I’m giving the edge to inertia….

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