The big transition

CDG dawn

During the shuttle ride to the terminal (roads are oddly sinuous among the many CDG terminals), the dawn sky featured a lovely assortment of colors. I had the front-right seat, and got this shot through the windshield.

Luck James photo

Always good to get to the gait and have a plane waiting, especially for an early flight.

Deltas prosecco

Curious that a flight originating in Paris would have an Italian sparkling wine…tasty, however!

Vincent LV

I’m swapping food photos for movie photos. This is the title character from Loving Vincent.

LV movie art

The movie is all painted. The story is portrayed in Vincent-style, while the flashbacks are in apparent black-and-white. A lovely movie. Recommended.

Movie 2 shape water

Movie two: The Shape of Water. A real, stay with me, fish-out-of-water tale. I didn’t find it earth-shaking, but the script was tight and focused, which almost always is a gigantic plus. Not one of my all-time favorites, yet glad I saw it.

Movie 3 42grms

Movie three was 42 Grams, about a couple who started a lauded restaurant by that name—he was the chef; she ran the front of house. The chef seemed to be quite talented in the flavor compositions of his plates. I have trouble getting warm and fuzzy about what I think of as art-food…food that takes tweezers and lots of finger-prodding to compose the dishes. Still, as the story of a passionate undertaking, I enjoyed the documentary.

I also saw a BBC documentary that I didn’t photo of the first major exhibition that the British Library did on a living author—they chose JK Rowling (rhymes with bowling) and real magic history. Did they start with ancient Chinese oracle bones?—I think so, and I think the BL has over 400 of them (Shang dynasty/Bronze Age). I enjoyed the discussions of alchemy and herbal plants—quite wide-ranging in toto…. Worth the time.

Stone mtn

Then, after hours and hours, we slipped through a modest cloud-layer, and I could see Stone Mountain! Home again!

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