Black fence

When I left the house early-ish this afternoon, I thought I’d collect rain*-on-plant pictures, and that would guide my comments. Not so much. Here are blades trying to shade(?) the sidewalk…or otherwise extend themselves. If personification is allowed.

Lichened wood fence

And this wooden fence, after 24 hrs of rain and drippiness, is a festival of wet wood and lichen decorations.

Fungal mass

And, because you’ve been patient, and perhaps a bit curious, here is the image I thought I’d lead with when I captured it early in my walk…but, then I found a few pretties, and the world shifted…and, unlike the other day, I remembered my plan. And here’s a gross fungal growth…I see plenty of…sprouting on mulch material.

* Rain off and on for the last day, so we’re in a decomposing environment, and the smells are nothing like the honeysuckle and gardenia blooms prominent over the last few days.

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