Steel this century

How do you obtain consumer advice that you trust?

I do not have a specific answer to that…. But with that observation in mind….

I do not recall the (internet website search) chain/series that lead me to the advice that this was a fine “sharpening steel,” and surely the decision to buy was certainly my own.

I knew what the object looked like when I placed the order, and it didn’t have that knurled look I associate with a high-quality steel. However, even so, I did click the “send it to me” equivalent, despite major concerns about the does-not-look-like-the-historic-versions concept. I have solid memories of my grandfather and my uncle (his son) using a steel in a theatrical amount prior to using the carving knife at the table on a major chunk of animal flesh (e.g., a whole roasted turkey or leg of lamb). Solid memories on how to sharpen a carving knife….


I can report that this is an outstanding steel, despite that it is not in the…Victorian? (gnarled) style. This steel makes my knives so edgy, so sharp, that I am exceedingly super careful with them.

And my knives, now sharpened/honed with this steel, they are superb tools…for cutting….

It’s JUNE, June, I say. June. I’m still in shock…or I’m slow to adjust????

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