Laundry routine

Drone BigManLk

Here, the typical laundry routine is this: put clothes in washer and activate, take off to do errands, return in 30 minutes (or so) to put selected items (most of the loads) into the drier, chill for a while, remove and fold, then return home…to put damp/wet stuff out to dry and the rest away.

New wrinkle: during the items-in-drier phase, send Droney up. Here’s a high view of our lake from approximately above the laundromat. This is a totally different part of the lake than where our place is, and I’m glad to have this angle-visual to tuck into my geography-brain.

The sky is a strange overcast, just what we experienced; that kept it from getting as hot as it would have…but low 80s is darned hot around here, and it isn’t cooling much even now.

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