Stump chunks

Shopping in a store you don’t normally visit, in a different area than you usually shop, increases the potential for finding items new to you. I’m heh-heh stumped about this. The words are clear; the meaning is easy to guess, but the utility of the product, even 100% real and natural, escapes me.

Likker labels

These labels, on the other hand, are extremely clear. The Logo-Guru approved. Interesting: all are the same proof, but the prices range from $31.99—vodka and rum—to $51.99—bourbon, with gin and clear whiskey in the $30s. So many mysteries in the world….

Lupine leaf fallcolor

Quick plant report: this is one of the most drought-and-heat stressed specimens of lupine I’ve seen so far this season on the farm. Too early for this deep a dry spell.

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