Bleater’s story (and more)

Bleater fawn

It was getting toward dusk last night when this leetle critter wandered into the yard, no mom in sight…which was disturbing to the critter, who commenced bleating. My interpretation is that the first bleats were “where are you?,” but they soon became “I’m here!” S/he bedded down under Uncle Dave’s maple, and I heard her/him in the night, but not constantly. In the morning we didn’t see her/him and hoped mom had showed up. Then, bleats around 2pm. By dinner time, Mom and the leetle one were bedded down under an apple tree out front. It’s been windy, including overnight, so the sound of the tree-leaves and grasses must have been scary-distracting to the great adventurer.

New clothesline

The Guru cut the right post yesterday from the top of the juniper that fell over the winter, and dug the hole and stood it in place today. So, we now have a clothesline again!

Bocce hoe

This evening we were invited next door to play bocce. Turns out no-one knew the rules, so we made up some. The comely dirty blonde is using a short-ish handled hoe to determine if one of the balls is within that distance of the small target ball (dirty golden, golf-ball sized), and thus the tosser gets a point. Lots of laughing and great difficulty with the uneven and fast surface. But fun!

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