Distractions from the open road

Grandview heights roof detail

I just liked this, and now you can check out your reactions. Grandview Heights architectural detail. Coffee below (out of frame).


As we pulled in the rest area on the other side of the fence, the Guru noted: this is where I took pictures of the neighboring cornfield so I think of this as the corn rest area.

No longer. Now soybeans.

Can’t really call it the monocrop rest area, as almost all are….

Blue mtn layers

Farther south, we found layers of mountains, a bit blue-tinged. Temps heading for mid-90s. Pant pant.

Startling sky

Closer to home, the sky became dramatic, we had some rain, some wet roads. Wet continued to our driveway, with temps on our arrival in the low 80s (!!). That shower and the temp drop made arriving in the otherwise summer-hot, deep south much easier.

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