We got multi-cultural

Spraypaint art

In Mexico, and I assume generally across Latin America, Sunday is for family and socializing, if you aren’t working. One focus for these activities are public spaces, especially in the city/town center, as various attractions are likely to be there (vendors, food, perhaps live performances, either formal or informal) and there’s room for everyone (poor people have small living spaces, after all), and the kids can run around.

At one of the Latin American shopping centers hereabouts, which holds a collection of small vending spaces, as there would be in the Latin markets, there are scattered benches at the junction of aisleways, and a larger open central area, all mimicking the public social spaces of the old country. We wandered there today, admiring the saturated colors of most of the fancy lady-dresses (e.g., for quinceañeras), piñatas, and all manner of polyester garmetage, and so on…and on, and on.

But the people-watching was the best. Some of the younger sales people spoke Spanish to us, but the older ones all used English—or ignored us.

Purchases? None.

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