Fountain blown sideways

Wind-i-fication…. Yesterday’s tailwind turned to be off the left quarter panel…not so helpful. Also, it strengthened, and not fun for the folks driving big camping trailers, and the folks, like us, trying to pass them not knowing when they were going to swerve in a gust. But, we have arrived safely.

Bridge i fication

Bridge-i-fication…. Plenty of traffic, and only two northbound cash/credit toll lanes, but not too much of a backup surprisingly. We did end up behind a loaded semi through the top of the bridge-arch, this stretch, and so just puttered along—loaded semis are required to go 20mph, and so the traffic backs up. But, we have arrived safely.

Insect i fication

Insect-i-fication…. Going along Lake Michigan, we could see clouds of insects in the air…and geeze, proof! Look at that windshield. And, we have arrived safely!

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