Big adventure

Bay outward

Adventure clue number one. Salient points: 1) water view, no beach in sight; 2) not a drone shot.

Air tanks

Adventure clue number two.

Scuba underway

Adventure clue number three. Salient point: the Guru and I did not do this.

Hapa and pilot

Instead, the Guru and I snorkeled. Twice. Once at each dive spot. We saw sea urchins thirty feet below us, clear water (ahem, SALT water). Fish came far closer. We saw several Hawaiian green sea turtles, only from the boat. The boat is named Hapa, which means half; the lovely captain did not know why it is named that. He’s the fellow cleaning up after our trip. Note clouds on the jagged eroding crater rim; it’s raining there, ¿no?

One comment

  1. Puppet Lady says:

    How exciting and beautiful! Nothing quite like looking down in the deep below of the turquoise water in warm ocean climates.

    Interesting boat name. Half a boat?