Sunday drive

Early sun

The sun found me soon after I began the return leg of my walk. Hot and humid air, with dry, dry soil. [Using dishwater on the basil, BTW.]

Corner stacey

We realized we had a bit of cabin fever (the hot-weather, summer kind), so we took off on a unplanned route west and north from The City. Don’t remember seeing this corner-Stacey before. Guess that’s one reason to take a Sunday drive.

Am beautyberry bush

Our loop was long enough that we needed a necessary break…right by the Visitor Center for the Kennesaw Mountain Civil War National Park of Parks. The entrance is disguised by vegetation (like this American beautybush) and a new (decorative) split-rail fence that a goat could push over in about thirty seconds. You can see both on your next visit. And cannons.

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