Two cities

Many bridges

Many bridges usually mean many rivers, or at least, vertical terrain change. Here it is rivers.

Expo dome

And bridges may lead to islands. Saint Helen’s Island was enlarged and modified for Expo 67. Most of the buildings are gone, and this is one large park. The iconic American Pavilion has become the Montréal Biosphère. Don’t know about the castle structure to the right—water tower?

Mansard roof

Blue? Nice touch. Is this a mansard roof—or merely mansard-like?

Bicycle ice

Like the ice warning sign behind the handlebar.

Horse buggy

Elsewhere we saw a truck watering the street. My guess it’s part of the horse clean-up strategy.

Cafe seating

I think only the right door is in use, and the café has kindly offered seating for the unused half of the steps. This is in the old-town area.

Overlook drama

Overview drama: who can post to social media first?

Shipping channel

That was a sample of our Montréal morning. We followed the Ottawa River downstream, taking a side tour of the large Île Saint-Ignace. Flat, duh. Many summer cottages with some age on them (small), and a few large, new ones. Considerable active farmland, especially soy, maize, and cattle grazing. And channels the river has abandoned.

Bridge duo

You are seeing two bridges visually conflated. Makes for an appearance of strange engineering.

City wall

Haven’t seen a medieval-style city wall in a while. Welcome to old Quebec.

Sam fountain

That statue left of center in the distance is of Samuel de Champlain. Colonialism honored.

Cruise ship

I am becoming not-a-fan of cruise-ship towns. This mammoth vessel had a giant screen on that upper deck displaying moving images constantly, because, why look over the railing at real life? Or at the clouds above?

Famous frontenac

This is the famous Frontenac (now Le Château Frontenac), and we are standing on the Terrasse Dufferin, which amounts to a huge, high-elevation boardwalk. I expect we’ll follow up on the views we got through portals in the decking to excavated building remains below at the other end. This end has cannons and a closed-for-the-season toboggan ride with three lanes. And a fort above.

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  1. Renee says:

    We had breakfast at the Tommy’s cafe with the cushions on the step and we visited the Biosphere today! Looks like we went a lot of the same places!