Built environment, especially bridges

Taftsville Covered Bridge

Taftsville Covered Bridge, with autumn complement of leaf-peepers….

Barn event space

When no longer farming, used a large quaint barn, barnyard as event space.

Fall color variation

Fall color mosaic varies. We are westbound here—nice light.

VT State Fair main gate

Main gate, Vermont state fair, with ginger breading.


Armory with asymmetric towers.

Ticonderoga mill dam

Ticonderoga’s mill dam. There were at least two mills on the river, both long gone.

Desilu light

Lucille Ball was the backer of the original Star Trek; her money, exclusively as I understand it, got the pilot made, then a second pilot made with new actors, and on the air. She and Desi were divorced by then, but the studio name stayed, and she ran it.

Transporter footware

Modern transporter footwear.

Magic hallway

Magic hallway—Drew, our guide, said that was the filming term. The arc was long enough that actors could walk/run-and-talk for a bit before reaching the end.

Warp core

Warp core.

Bridge Enterprise

Bridge of the Enterprise.

Tradl double bridge

Traditional double bridge.

Modern bridge

Modern highway bridge.

Apologies for late/”10:22pm” post; we had a l-o-n-g drive yesterday and I was pooped/too busy navigating.

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