Layers and graduations

Juniper layers

Nature of course offers harsh edges and lines. Today I kept seeing subtle changes of many sorts. Notice how the variations in juniper dimensions help your eye note the landscape’s folds and creases.

Juniper vista plus

Add some snow-dusted high elevations to a steeper juniper plus pines landscape.

Tall pines mtns

And tall pines! And more snow…blanket more than merely dust.

Brussels honey mustard

Even these amazingly tasty Brussels sprouts have layers. And that honey-mustard sauce…otherworldly. We lunched in Taos on not-New Mexican cuisine.


Real verticality. Meadow/pasture at base….

R Grande gorge

And a gorge! Downward verticality. That’s the Rio Grande.

Valley to peak

Meadow-to-peaks verticality again, this time with a line of fence-posts angling across.

High meadow

We climbed to higher elevations, and thus more snow accumulation. Even lines of animal tracks crossing the white.

Road n landscape

Always, since we were driving and the road was plowed, the road wends across the landscape, a scar in the snowiness.

Frosted trees

Hoar-frosted trees. Layers here are branches and between-branches.

Basketball mtns

This town is named Los Ojos, which means eyes, but is also used for springs. If you were an anciano*, wouldn’t water emerging from the ground be pretty darned special?, an addition to the complexity of the Underworld.

Erosion remnant

Erosional remnant…all about layers. And graduations of color.

Dusk colors

And dusk…on a clear night. With a big moon, off to the way left, to be imagined. Full tomorrow night….

* anciano = ancient one in Spanish.

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