Final eastbound stories

Fake steamboat

Driving across North America, we usually seek a balance between moving along and stopping for necessities. This necessity stop was in Greenville, Mississippi, where the county welcome center is a pseudo-steamboat.

Kermit display

With informative and well-made displays upstairs about local residents and events. This is the home county of Jim Henson, and where he invented Kermit the Frog (they use “born”)…one of the many facts I didn’t know about US history.


We kept our easterly bearing and happily joined good friends for sober discussions, great laughs, and yummy eats—big thanks to all—in the shadow of this bathouse. If the builder is Batman, then his sidekick is his son?, therefore Robin? I hear it took the bats a while to find/occupy it, and over fifty did this year, and it is supposed to be able to hold hundreds more. Looking forward to hearing next seasons population….

Blur of travel

Mr LateNight aka the Guru piloted us along a kinky route around Tupelo, dodging a major new interchange under construction in Birmingham, and avoiding daytime traffic by a nighttime run, no Coors on board. We are not bootleggers.

Lemon explosion

With the higher population density of cities, you gotta expect to encounter wacky human-stuff more often in urban areas than in rural, low-population density places. Welcoming us to Atlanta, and explosion of lemon slices. Wha?

Red light welcome

And a red light that won’t change, while no vehicles pass through the green-light directions. Ah, home. Glad to be here at 3:10am here time, trying to think of it as merely 1:10am, as it is in Santa Fé.

And this is the reason for my delayed post, signified as always by the 10:22pm time stamp.

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