Not a downer

Flerkorn pkgs

The two-kay mixed use complex on the other side of the connector is anchored, in a sense, by the blue-white place (aka Ikea)…

Targzhay exterior

…and the red-white place (aka Tarzhay). We walked between the two…

Arc triumphal

…and saw for the first time on foot a two-kay arc de triomphe…which, surprisingly, has a museum downstairs. [Why?] That we didn’t enter, leaving a mystery.

Train rumbling

Got passed by a three-locomotive train when we were afoot. Wooooo-ooooo.

Confession: only shopped in Ikea; bought batteries that the Guru wanted and a plastic cover for use in the microwave. They don’t last forever, you know.

Further confession: it was a grey grey grey day, overcast and precipitating…but, somehow, okay even so.

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