One foot in front of the other


I got my feedbag mask adjusted better today, plus I think it was a bit cooler out. Will be more difficult when it is hot-n-humid. Poor me.

Azalea pink

I have my new research project underway: the Iberian peninsula. I told the Guru I figured we can get there in the next decade. Now I’m trying to figure out the ports and interior transportation network that developed during Roman occupation. Parts of Iberia had/have considerable mineral resources…and had been mined for quite some time. Certainly, by the Late Bronze Age (as elsewhere across Europe…and beyond), the material culture had become quite complex blah blah blah. Anyway, I gotta start earlier than the Romanization to get a sense of its context. Sail on!

Azalea streak

Fell in love with these streaky blooms, but this is the only decent shot I took. Hoping the vaccine-development folk are making good progress.

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