Funny story…

Two chairs

Isn’t this what the comedians lead with: “Funny story…and this is true….” I’m no comedian, but here goes… So I plant my feet to get this photo, but I’m fumbling extra long because wearing a mask means my phone doesn’t recognize me so I have to get in manually…and fumble, fumble. Just as I get ready, I realize a vehicle is turning in next to me…the driveway of This House. See, it’s on the right.

Acer palmatum

I figure, now I’m going to get hollered at, “why are you taking a picture of my house!??” But, nope! The lady’s laughing, saying, those chairs are falling apart. I say, I like that they’re looking inward, a metaphor for these times, perhaps…. She laughs. And the fence on the porch, I say. She laughs more.

I wave and continue on my way, thinking I shouldn’t be so cynical.

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