Name a Liz Lemon catch-phrase

Pot lineup

In my cynicism-recovery mode (see yesterday), I found these pots to be harbingers of hope…hope for “new life.” I keep feeling the pull of the garden centers…gotta get some basil plants, if nothing else…how can I shape that into necessary and essential?

Street chairs

I first saw two chairs and a tabletop, and thought…street chess gone bad. Then, I realized the chairs are both facing downhill, and thought…waiting for someone to descend the staircase? Too many loose ends, however…spool end…mossy wall…it’s up to you….


  1. kayak woman says:

    Around here there are small garden, etc. businesses offering curbside. Off-topic (sorta) but I started my morning ordering a bunch of fresh produce from my fave market vendors to be delivered on Wednesday. Our Argus Farm Stop acts as a middleman. (I probably sound like a broken record.)

  2. Dave L. says:

    Wouldn’t it be “funny” if the chairs were facing the other way. LOL