Downtown kinda empty

We had an essential errand to do (pharmacy), and I added a loop that took us through downtown and most of the way up to Buckhead. While this street downtown is darned empty, not all were. I’d say that traffic was far less than a Before Times Monday, however. That’s traffic; and the weather: lovely.

Plant life central

This reminds me of the BotGarden floral diversity…which I miss terribly.

Our Governor announced that some businesses can re-open on Friday; our Mayor said nope, not in her town. If I have it right…. I’m with continuing as we are, with our fingers crossed, distant, and staying home….

BTW, we saw plenty of street-corner sitting downtown…homeless I assume…. No masks. Not a one. Gets in the way of the flask rim, ya know.

One comment

  1. Pooh says:

    What to do? What to do?

    Should we go bowling or get matching tattoos?
    Grrr, our mayor says we can’t do anything.
    But our governor, “bless his little heart”, says we can!