Cat tales


I set off this morning (HUMID-cubed), and Eloise came out to greet me…stretch, meow, rub. Eloise lives at a neighbor’s house.

Unknown name cat

Several blocks later, I was greeted by this cat, unknown to me. I think the cats were feeling a bit lonely, with a lack of holiday traffic…that is foot traffic…I could hear a drone from the tires and motors over on the Interstate. Where were those vehicles going? Hope not all to the beach!


Returning to the house, I saw Sebastian under our car. He was all squinty eyed from napping. I don’t think he cared how many people were about. He didn’t move when I strolled by. [He is from the same house as Eloise.]

BTW, three examples of how difficult it is to get a cat action photo in focus.

Happy Fourth! 🎇🎆🎇

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