Read. Think.

Yeah burger

Apologies for turning to commands. But, it’s often a good plan to think 🤔 about what a sign says, and its particular context. 😀

Fine homes

In the first photo, the sign to the left of the door is promoting Impossible Burgers. The sign to the right is advertizing for a leasee. And, indeed it is impossible to get burgers here. 😢

And this: Sotheby’s advertises the FINE homes it sells. This, with the boarded up windows, is not a fine home. It’s a junker. And, IMHO, it’s a poor lot, with an apartment complex uphill to the left, at least a dozen units, students and young professionals…so, not a quiet block. Maybe there’ll be a Sotheby’s fine home here in the near future, but “fine” is degraded a bit, I think. 🙄

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