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Here’re some perfectly fine titles I’m not currently making progress reading. I’ve been intending to read “Black Lamb and Grey Falcon” (1941) for years…Rebecca West tells of her six weeks in Yugoslavia in 1939. Multiple discriminating writer-readers say it’s among the best travel books ever.

“The Overstory” is Richard Powers’s 2018 novel I’ve started and just stopped like it wasn’t good, yet it’s terrific. And complicated. In the best way.

“Knights of Spain, Warriors of the Sun” (1997) is Charles Hudson’s most-excellent telling of the cultural clash when Spanish explorers invaded southeastern North America. What a superb scholar and writer he was.

Mr. Salyer’s new-new, thoughtful, timely book…. He’s the reason I don’t call The Guru JC. Mr. Salyer was the JC in my life when I met The Guru, and I couldn’t handle two, although most everyone then knew him as JC.

Yes, another history of the west…pretty much starts with the Lewis/Clark expedition, to discuss the AMERICAN West…there’s plusses and minuses to that; it’s another cultural history, I guess. Picked up HW Brands’s “Dreams of El Dorado” on our way through Austin last year–his hometown, so signed copy.

And all of them essentially collecting dust at the moment. Speaking of which: seems to me there’s extra dust in the house in these Covid times; however, nothing like the nastiness in the air in the western air with those huge wildfires. Yikes!

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  1. Anne says:

    I loved the “Overstory”! It is complicated, to the point that I thought I should go back and take notes on all the different characters. Eventually, their stories intersect.

    I’ll have to check out the others.