Variability (ovah and ovah)

Frost on grass

We arose to frost on the grass (many places), as well as our roof…a sign of increasing overnight cold temps.

During the morning we had intermittent sunshine, and managed to get another round of hatch-battening completed on the “garden”—enough for the winter.

The meteorology report indicated rain in the 1 o’clock hour…and, indeed, it was raining by 2pm. And still is.

I haven’t seen flocks of Canada geese overhead for days…and I assume that means they are far to our south. So, being somewhat smart, we, too, have turned our thoughts toward our final days here and closing the place for the winter. We’ll be sad to go, to leave our friends here, and to leave the beauty of this area. We’ll not be so sad to leave rubbish weather off and on, day after day.

I had not anticipated this, but the temp now is about 39°F, and my watch-borne weather app indicates 48°F at midnight and 45°F at 3am. That doesn’t fit the typical “increasing cold overnight” model—however, we’ll take it!

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  1. kayak woman says:

    FB photo memories today served up a photo I took of a flock of geese taking off from Cubelandia ponds one year ago today. Some geese do over-winter down here. Not sure about the yooperland. But always amazing to see them actually TAKE OFF for their flight south and I saw that a few times over the years.