Today’s tale

Apple trees

Well, now; my yesterday oops meant we spent our money from the Pres, that really came from you and me and you and you and you over there, too. And some savings.


And this consumer jaunt meant We Went To The Mall. We had a mission: to pick up a new laptop. We parked, we went in headed to the Apple Store…which was no longer across from Macy’s…wha?

Oh, “down the hall.” Cast our penetrating gazes about…there THERE it is!

But, nice lady says, no, you want downstairs…wha? Apple Store is now on two levels (mall has three). So much for our in-and-out without distraction strategy.

DOWNstairs. Yup. Nice man made the transaction happen…while I peeked around the corner at the new-device check-out area, presently closed to consumers because…Covid.

The six lovely trees poke up into the second story space reserved for tech assistance. Yay, nature.

In mall behavior footnote: every—EVERY—one I saw was wearing a mask. HOWEVER. Most people were wandering lackadaisically about…having totally missed the message AFTER Wear A Mask…the one that went: and Stay At Home and Away From Other People.

No wonder Covid rates are phenomenally high.

Iron moo

In other news, today I found an Iron Age twirly-horned cow sculpture behind a fence. That’s what I’m calling it.

Although: perhaps a lady-aurochs not a cow.

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  1. Pooh says:

    Go Lady Aurochs! Go, go, go!

    Sounds like a fine name for a sports-team. Roller derby or weight lifting perhaps?