No-owl day

Rosemary buds

I saw no owls today. Didn’t hear any, either.

About two months ago, several times over a ten-day period when I was at the southeast corner of Orme Park I heard an owl high above in a tree…not always the same tree, but the same area. Not since, however. [Do they migrate????]

No owls, not even superb owls.

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  1. Mary Jo says:

    Generally owls don’t migrate unless their food source disappears, as in arctic-area snowy owls moving south because the lemming population crashes. Owls do mate and raise young in the winter. So your owl 2 months ago may have been calling for or with a mate! I’ll never forget a freezing January day in Illinois seeing a great horned owl high in a leafless tree, sitting on a huge nest with a cap of snow on her head, ringed by snow on the nest rim!