Las blancas

White periwinkle

I saw this and thought: I didn’t know periwinkle came in white. No doubt about what it is. And the internet indicates: sure enough—periwinkle has white varieties.

White weeping cherry

I saw this and thought…a weeping cherry in white. Or very light pink. Ten steps later the observation sunk in and I turned around to get a shot, having figured out my blog-theme-of-the-day.

Magnolia stellata

This one is a freebie add-on. It’s a magnolia (Magnolia stellata), but I think of magnolias as having a pink tinge or full-on pinkness…my bias. So, a third blanca.

Even though for many people today’s color theme is green. I’m not Catholic and I’m not Irish, so, I’m going a different way.

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