Rolling with change

Since yesterday (at least), our weather has been greatly affected by that tropical depression that moved north out of the Gulf. This morning fairly early I checked the prediction, and figured we’d see rain all day, off and on. Then, about 10:30, I saw that the temperature predictions had changed, and rose significantly into the afternoon, which I figured meant that the sun would come out, and…I should get out before that happened unless I wanted to melt.

I did do ho-hum, and got my shoes on and headed out, enjoying a few random drops from the trees. Then I saw a bit of shadow, and thought oh no, I didn’t move fast enough. But the sun retreated and I kept moving through the humidity that the overnight rain had engendered, got my minutes in, and returned soaked in sweat, but not as overheated as I would have been if I had left later.

First photo: droplets on spreading grass. Second: crepe myrtle bark, soaked. Third: magnolia blossom, newly opened so dry inside the petals.

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