Storm tracker me

A line of storms (a storm line?) came through about 5:18am (or about then) with wind and rain. I awakened while it was still quiet, and was awake awake knowing something would let loose soon. No reason to try sleeping again. So I got up, and by the time I was dressed and descending, I heard the first rain drops.

Last night the news-types were warning listeners to have their alerts set up on their phones. Today, only one station had weather-and-news live to help us through the storm. The other major networks all had paid shows on. I’m a bit annoyed with that…is it a bad weather situation, or no?

Tonight, another weather advisory, perhaps more wind than rain…who will monitor it beyond our fine Federal employees (and their fine computer tracking and modeling systems)? Me, I’m tired enough after getting up at five-something to sleep through…well, not just anything, but lots.

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