Regulations vs bureaucracy

A week or so ago, we received a notice about a movie shoot closing a block or so for a limited time. Hand delivered. As per city regulations, I’m certain.

This disruption, however, with a giant green water(?) pump: no notice whatsoever. And one not-so-busy and two busy intersections closed. Totally. Thank you, city of ATL. And I’m guessing we’ll have steel plates to bump over for quite some time after.

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  1. Pooh says:

    Our one-block long street used to have a lot of water main breaks. If we had any notice, or saw the truck(s) coming, we’d fill the big spaghetti pots, so we’d have water to flush the toilet. Eventually, per an EPA order they redid the water and sewer lines. (Our sewer lines also carried the storm drain run-off, now they are separate.) TMI?