Relative stats

We’ve watched a few minutes of Olympic competitions lately (and very little blah-blah filler), mostly curling, pairs skating, bobsled, and half-pipe. In the latter two, the competitors get more than one chance to perform, and the best score is the one that counts. My head is a bit dizzy with this to beat the best competitor so far and that to get a medal and this other to win the gold…that kind of thing.

Me, I have stats, too. I still think that my AppleWatch’s “Move” figure is the most useful metric for daily activity. And the threshold I like is based on basal metabolic rate (BMR;several websites estimate this), that is, a metric for being active beyond the minimum of just being alive (roughly).

I strive to have my Beyond exceed 40% of my BMR, and I prefer it to be above 43%. On active days, I’m over 46%, and super active, for me, is over 50%. These days, anyway.

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