Valley stroll

First daylight view from our window, second floor. You can’t see the airport runways, a bit off to the right.

And here’s the hotel, viewed from over an irrigation channel.

Lupin, bush form—I think the seeds were/are harvested.

Didn’t recognize this. Online info suggests an Dalea species, perhaps Dalea coerulea.

Boulevard development appears to be stalled.

More lot development needed.

An older neighborhood. Note vacas.

Abandoned house. Note emptiness behind windows.

A more successful neighborhood.

Veggie operation, looks like beans.

Almost back to the hotel. That large bush on the right is a castor bean (Ricinus communis)—called a bean, yet not a Fabaceae bean, as in the field above. Do not eat castor beans.

Hotel flower. You knew I had to include a flower close-up.

Expect no posts for eight(ish) days. I’ll delay-post when I return to internet accessibility. Me, spouse, hat, masks, etc are headed west to Pacific isles aka the Galápagos.


  1. Ruthette Mills says:

    Thanks for kinda taking us with you via the photo diary.

  2. Sammy says:

    My pleasure!