Autumn saga

I awakened at my usual time, around 6:30am, and stumbled downstairs. Actually, I had to make sure I didn’t stumble, because it was dark dark dark—as in, yes, it’s dark at that hour, but it was also dark because the power was out.

So, I went back to bed. Where it was warm.

Later when there was some light outside, I got up and made a fire in the stove, and we began to feel like things would be okay when I remembered we had some essentially instant Starbucks we got as an experiment. This was easier than looking in the way back of the deepest cupboard for old stove-top based coffee making technology.

Sometime after 11am, the electric returned—and stayed on (several early restarts had no staying power). The photo is later, almost 2pm, when the snow had changed to rain, and the white-stuff was half-melted. It stayed windy all day, and there’s more wind and white coming. We do have enough firewood (albeit damp). And dry birch-bark fire starter. We are tough cookies.

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