Hello Mountain time

Looking back at a high range in Arizona. Despite a quick flirtation with Mountain time when we creased Idaho, we’ve been waiting and waiting to escape Pacific time. All but one county in Arizona stays in PacTime, according to info on the web.

Aha! The lovely New Mexico Visitor’s Center architecture imitates a kiva or hogan, I’m guessing. Off in a room with several rows of spaced chairs, I listened to Robert Redford’s dulcet tones describing Chaco Canyon ritual architecture. I found it another reason to be happy to be in New Mexico!

A dramatic geological feature…. We also drove through quite a run of malpaís, or nasty angular broken old lava flows that would be terribly difficult to walk through. [Yes, that’s a Starbucks lid in reflection.]

Finally, we got a view of the Sandía ridge, which looms over Albuquerque. Temps in the 80s.

After a quick visit with friends we’ll see for a longer visit later in the week, we turned north, finally reaching the Santa Fé Mountains backing…drum roll: Santa Fé…our home for the next few days. Temps about 15° lower than in ABQ.

Someone’s carefully chosen special dessert. Yum.

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