Nit counts

I heard/read various sorts of news today, including multiple examples of the power of MaNachur, and also of spineless federal politicians spending OUR money frivolously.

In our living room, we talked more about the annual September Apple presentation. This is an Apple promo photo of the two sizes of the newly announced iPhone 15 Pro Max (larger on the left) and 15 Pro. Our phones are still fine, but venerable at four years old. I am most attracted to the Pro Max, as the Apple lens developers have managed to create, in that teensy thickness of a smart phone, a lens that will telephoto to 120 mm, at ƒ/2.8 aperture. Wow. [No comment on buying (lusting after? hah, I exaggerate) a product called a phone while valuing more an additional capability called a camera. 😎]

With the phones and with new models of watch/fitness devices, I heard reapeated mention of nits. To me nits are louse eggs, so that threw me until I figured out that nits are also brightness units, although my APPLE DICTIONARY does not include that definition. 🤣 So, the new phones have 2000 nits peak brightness (outdoors). Woohoo.

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