Tab today


The They we call They with a capital T have decided to market Tab in a new way (ha, no, not really new; they’re just doing that Coke Classic marketing game). Long-time Tab aficionados like my husband are displeased that their drink is being altered to serve the gods of the bottom line.

Recently, John found a retro t-shirt with the Tab logo on the front, and being a logo guy, bought it. The first time I went anywhere with him when he was wearing it, in about an hour in two shops, three different people came up to him to rave about Tab and complain about the corporate effects on the drink.

Let’s see if Coke’s marketing people figure out that they have some loyal customers who are mighty unhappy. I guess, however, this will only happen if the customers they’re trying to attract don’t start buying the new travesty version of Tab.

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