New camera!

From the first SD card of images (room for only five at full pixel-potential). And yes, a new 1 gig card is in our immediate future!

JCB and I took a dive the other day and ordered a Canon Powershot A700, which enables us to return to the point-and-shoot photography world. Brown delivered it on schedule this afternoon, and, wheeooo!, life is good!

Well, probably the bigger boost to positive energy in this household today is from the now completely installed tankless water heater. I know it’s mundane, but after being without hot showers for a week, we’re glad to have little Mr. Bosch down in the basement hanging out waiting for the summons to generate some heat!

Generally, JCB and I do a poor job of being consumers compared to the average, but this week we’re measuring up. Should I be sad? Embarrassed? Proud?

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