Lemon grass

There’s nothing like fresh spices for cooking. One I’ve never used, never found except in a semi-desiccated form, is lemon grass. Banjo B used it in the Thai food last night, and it’s a show-stopper.

Now that we’re home, I need to schedule a trip to Hastings Garden Center to see if I can find a pot of lemon grass!

Yes, dear Reader, we’ve completed the Great Loop to the Northlands, and we’re back in Big A-town, craving sushi (take out tonight!), and getting the pile of mail dispersed (thankfully, much of it to the trash), putting away the travel gear, figuring out the first (fast) grocery list, and piling up the dirty laundry.

Welcome home!


  1. Mouse says:

    First the peaches and cream pie, and now the lemongrass thai? Stop making me hungry! =D

  2. Sammy says:

    Most of my/our best friends make some fine food—including your Mooom!