Crepe myrtles

Rain last night changed the whole feel of the out-of-doors, although promised cells this afternoon have been missing us here in Virginia-Highland. All the plants seem quite happy to have their roots watered, and seem to have been awaiting the precip during our entire trek.

In the South, crepe myrtles sorta fit the landscape category that lilacs do in the Midwest—upright woody shrubs that are bedecked with color during “their time.�? They offer blooms throughout the hottest part of the summer, and cheery shades of pink at that!, but the rain brought down lots of the wee buds (not to be confused with Weebits—thank you, Gillian!).

Crepe myrtles also play a role in the lore of jcb and me, since we kept looking for them the day we met. But that’s another story for another time….

On another note, I’ve added another recipe to “Food Fun,�? this time Oatmeal Bread, for machines. Mostly, jcb has been making the modified version, with extra whole grain goodness, noted at the bottom.

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