Getting High!

Rarely, we face a conjunction of the stars that result in a back-to-back series of social engagements; usually our life is far more low key. Not this weekend!

Friends arrived from southwest of here yesterday afternoon, and we partied until the wee hours (mine, anyway!), and got up and laughed and told even more stories this morning. Obligations, sadly, took them away around mid-day.

Then, the next shift arrived, about an hour later, from east of here. Being stuck in Little A-Town, they wanted to do Big City stuff, so we hied off to the High Museum to check out the current exhibits mostly, and 1.5 galleries of permanent exhibits. Many galleries were closed for the latest upgrade, but we had pretty much taken in all our brains could absorb by the time we wandered back to the parking garage….

To refortify ourselves, we dined (first time for all) at Pacific Kitchen, an unalloyed success! Yum.


  1. froogy says:

    grok grok. I’m gettin’ high too. Me ‘n’ Green Guy ‘r’ up ‘ere on Gitchee Gumee. grok grok. ‘n’ hee hee hee. I c’n leave comments on yer blahg but that ol’ witch Kayak Woman can’t. Yeeeee hee hee. grok grok frgok grook grokGROK!

  2. Sammy says:

    Aha. Froggy, Kayakwoman is vindicated & I have learned a bit more about WordPress. Now, WordPress has been informed to post Kayakwoman comments, and NOT categorize them as spam! Apologies to Kayakwoman.

  3. kayak woman says:

    And Spam Woman is here to say Froogy, shut up for once!