Garlic sky


No doubt about it, garlic is a wonderful plant.

My favorite book about garlic (not that I can say I’ve read any others!) is Stanley Crawford’s Mayordomo: Chronicle of an Acequia in Northern New Mexico.

However, a wee bit of googling indicates he’s actually (as of 1998, so I’m out of it) written a separate title on garlic—I haven’t read it, but if I did…?

BTW, acequias are irrigation ditches, and in Crawford’s part of the world they are maintained and managed according to an ancient system, collectively, by those who use the water from it. The mayordomo is the person who makes the decisions about who get how much water, when the participating farms (meaning fields and acreages) will supply day-laborers (this is corvée labor, known as tequio duties in Mexico), and other business of the acequia. This acequia mayordomo is not a permanent position, but rotates through the participating landowners. Thus, Crawford writes about his own experiences as a (green, inexperienced) mayordomo….

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