Historical rose


Okay, this rose is from the files. Our small digital still camera is in the shop, and I haven’t been lugging the big SLR-like one around, so no new pictures. This is the tenth digital still picture I took with my first camera, a Sony that’s long since been passed along down the inevitable food chain for electronics.

The Guru gave me the camera one afternoon, right after I defended (successfully) my dissertation. The rose was part of a lovely bouquet some of my buds sent me, delivered by the secretary after the stress was over.

I just realized that the fine woman who spearheaded the arrival of that bouquet, the lovely MM, is the one who received the hand-me-down camera.

Ah, the inverted twists and turns of life….

One comment

  1. Maureen says:

    Well, this MM, lovely or not, very much appreciates the camera, as I work on my dissertation. I still get a kick out of the machinations that were involved and the many people in making sure you got your bouquet. A yay day.