I though about writing something here about squashing evil, but I’ll pass.

Stories now even in the mainstream media about the extreme lack of ethics in the White House, extending, it seems, to wherever its tendrils reach in the government, so flagrantly violate the promises that the Shrub made during his campaigns, plus the promises he made when being sworn in, that I am utterly disgusted. I cannot see within the law and history of our government any clear ways to bring us out of such a morass. And it’s so loaded politically that I doubt that any of the leading/electable candidates will talk about this and offer any plan whatsoever to bring us back to a reasonable level of ethical government. So sad.

And I’m not even touching the fiscal and emotional costs we get from this war.

Just watch, when out of office, Shrub will head for his ranch and ignore or just plain be unaware of the wreckage of his decisions (or the Angler’s in his name) that we all inherit. What kind of ex-Pres will he be? You can bet he won’t evidence much in the way of a social conscience. He hasn’t so far, so why start then?

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