Photo safari


Our photographic safari to Seney Refuge with KW and GG produced several hundred images from four still cameras—one apiece! Note our New Camera, delivered here courtesy of Amazon right after we arrived. It has more zoom and wide-angle capabilities, and faster shutter cycling (whatever that’s called); generally, a huge pleasure. The only major (if this indeed is major) drawback is that the lens cap needs a tether (no camera store for 90 miles or so). We’ve become habituated to the small cameras with no separate lens cover, and struggle to remember….

As to critter sightings, mostly birds and rodents. Did see Sandhills this time around, but no super photos, just ones where you can see the red eye patch and general shape, but no details. (You see, the new fab camera’s modest-capacity chip had been filled by then.)

Of special note: we enjoyed our first picnic out of the New Prius!

If you didn’t know us, you’d think from this entry (New this, New that…) we are big consumers, when in reality, we spend much of the year not buying much besides groceries and paying utilities and the like.

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