Dewy morn

For, I believe, the first time since we arrived in good ’ol Luce County this summer, we had dew this morning. Between that and the quick shower yesterday morning, maybe the tide (may I say that?) is turning on this summer dry season.

I’ve done a dawn photo session looking through the orchard, across the field, and at the woods and sun every summer since I got a digital still camera in 2002 (and at least once before with a film camera), and the results vary by camera and conditions (of course). This year they’re on balance somewhat drab, but still compelling with judicious framing and cropping. I picked this one of the apples, to remind myself how late in the season we are here this year (usually we’re here in July), and as a reminder to pick some of the good ones for apple sauce!

These quiet dawns are one of my special pleasures while I’m here….

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