Wandering Bend

Today’s wander included an early morning stroll through the last day of one of those street fairs that bring out folks of all types to stop by booths with attractive displays of food, clothing, knickknacks, and the like. In fact, we arrived so early that most people were still setting up. This pizza vendor had the oven going, perhaps for a bit of extra warmth, and someone we did not see left a mink(?) purse on the counter….

The following has no connection to the fine day we had, which also included a great blue heron, several deer, Canada geese, mallards, wonderful views of old lava flows, an extended trip to REI (sale for another week), and the Deschutes itself.

Just had to note this from James Lee Burke’s Crusader’s Cross (2005, p. 87):

  • Question: What can dumb and fearful people always be counted on to do?
  • Answer: To try to control and manipulate everyone in their environment.
  • Question: What is the tactic used by these same dumb people as they try to control others?
  • Answer: They lie.

…the thoughts of a worldly police officer (character)….

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