Greensburg Indiana

Mostly when we’re on the road lately, we don’t have the chance to wend our way through small-town America, and miss the opportunities to discover the unexpected sometimes to be found there.

Today we managed to break the trend and as we entered the town center of Greensburg, Indiana, we could not help but spot a tree atop the courthouse tower. How odd!

So, of course, we angled to get a couple of shots of it. Which took us down a back street where we discovered the tree occupied a place of honor on the town’s logo.

So, even without Google, we discovered Greensburg’s claim to fame (including attention from Ripley’s Believe It or Not, reportedly) in a simple drive-by.

Googled information indicates there’ve been a series of trees (makes sense), and even multiple concurrent arboreal decorations over the last century, and, apparently multiple species.

The jokes are rampant. A town favorite: Where does the tree get its moisture from? The clock’s spring, of course!

We observed that it might be wise to revisit the old adage that the nut never falls far from the tree…

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