Glass adventure

It is impossible to pick an iconic image from the Corning Museum of Glass (we took almost 300 pictures during about four hours of wandering the place). I, of course, was most entranced by the historical collection of glass, from vessels to anthropomorphic figures, and more! Instead of any iconic image, I offer this glass basilisk, about 6 inches tall, in a terrible setting for photography (crammed on a shelf with other objects, with an unattractive backdrop).

I suppose many people encountered the word basilisk first in the Harry Potter books (although it’s also mentioned by Shakespeare), but the word has quite a history. In the real world, a basilisk is a mythical creature, a reptile hatched from a cock’s egg. Lots of impossibility there!

For reasons I can’t quite figure out, I keep thinking this little guy, if alive, would be grumpy and curmudgeonly, and perhaps a bit vague like an armadillo.

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