Citizenship missions?

From the Chihuly exhibit at the ATL Bot Garden several years ago…glass, fragile, get it?

I have to agree with George McGovern (here, in the Washington Post) that Bush and Cheney (say Chee-nee not Chay-nee) have repeatedly lied to the American people. Whom they claim to protect. Whose best interests they say they have at heart.

From what I’ve read, it sure sounds like Bush and his staff “have transgressed national and international law” (is going beyond the bounds of the same as broken? seems like it; but maybe not to lawyers…).

Sure sounds impeachable. And more….

So why is most of the national media ignoring all this in a furor about elections in several states (not Wyoming, did you notice that?) that won’t turn out enough delegates to make any diffence at the conventions? Yes, momentum is a real thing, but the media portrays such a biased picture of these votes….

Have we, the American people, so lost track of what we expect of our elected officials (stewardship of the public good while maintaining the public trust) that we permit Bush to stay in the White House without a formal finger raised against him, and evaluate the next set of candidates for the office of President based not on their policies (mostly) and quality of their advisors and the people they make their immediate subordinates?

Today’s vocabulary: pluvious

(adjective) characterized by heavy rainfall; rainy


  1. anne-bananne's eldest says:

    Dale Chihuly received an honorary degree from my alma mater, Kalamazoo College, in 2006 (the very same year I graduated!).

  2. Sammy says:

    What a small world it is! Does this mean he came to the campus? Spoke at graduation maybe?

  3. anne-bananne's eldest says:

    No… he did speak on campus, though not at graduation. He was doing a residency slash gallery exhibit at the Kalamazoo Art Institute at the time.

  4. Mary Jo says:

    I agree with McGovern, but what about Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Rove, Gonzales, etc.? Where are they now? After getting us into this mess, they just disappear into academia/ business/ the Pentagon/ the CIA? Who’s keeping an eye on them? And will they ever have to account for their crimes against the American people?